Jonathan Levine Could Write The WARM BODIES Sequel

He may not direct, though. 

Last night I attended a screening and mixer for Wild (a terrific movie, I was surprised to discover) and had the opportunity to chat with producer Bruna Papandrea. She remembered me from my set visit on Warm Bodies, which makes sense as my star turn as a zombie extra actually made it onto some of the posters. That's how good I was!

Anyway, we got talking about Warm Bodies and she brought up the possibility of a sequel. Author Isaac Marion is writing one right now, and he's gone on the record saying it's bigger and more complex than the original, that it won't just be "The Further Adventures of A Zombie And A Girl." Papandrea has had a chance to look at some of the material and she thinks this is an even better book than the first one (which she liked enough to adapt for the cinema). In fact, she thinks it'll make an even better movie than the first one. 

Who will make that movie? Papandrea told me they hope to get Jonathan Levine back to write the sequel, but she doesn't seem so sure he would direct. The impression that I got wasn't that he isn't wanted back, but rather that he might not be interested in returning as a director. Levine wrote the script for the first film, and while I wouldn't mind him returning for the sequel, at least having him involved at all will be a bonus. 

I know it's not cool (and the fact that I'm on the poster could render it suspect) but I quite like Warm Bodies. I wrote about it when the film was released (you can read it here), but the short version is that Warm Bodies feels like the first major zombie movie since 28 Days Later to try and add something new. Too many zombie films in this resurgence - and especially The Walking Dead - use the George Romero formula but divorce it from any meaning. Warm Bodies is one of the few zombie movies to take the zombie metaphor and apply it to emotions, which I found winning. I'm interested in seeing what the sequel could bring, if it won't be more of the same.