Marvel Is Testing Possible Jessica Joneses And Luke Cages For Netflix

Plus: how will the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage shows cross over?

As Daredevil continues shooting (please let there be a reveal of a classic red costume soon. The black pajamas ain't cutting it), Marvel Television has started moving ahead on their next Netflix show, Jessica Jones. The company has approached four actresses about playing the role, and one of them is my clear favorite. There's Krysten Ritter, Teresa Palmer, Jessica De Gouw and - my favorite - Alexandra Daddario. 

That's a pretty good line-up (although I'm not totally familiar with De Gouw's work beyond Huntress on Arrow, where I thought she looked nice but was wooden), but Daddario is far and away my choice out of this quartet. There's a nice mix of vulnerabiility and physicality to Daddario - I can see her drinking her troubles away as well as punching them away. In the comics Jessica Jones was once the superhero Jewel, but she's got a touch of the PTSD and has quit the business and  become a private investigator. I don't know how the show will handle the previous superhero career, although by the time Jessica Jones debuts their will have been about four years between its premiere and The Avengers, and since the MCU happens in real time, there will have been four years since the Battle of Manhattan - plenty of time for Jewel to have a career and leave it behind. 

A big part of Jessica Jones' story is Luke Cage, Power Man. A streetwise superhero, Luke ends up marrying Jessica and they have a child together. He'll be in the Jessica Jones show before spinning off into his own show, and he'll show up for six or seven episodes - so maybe half the season. Marvel has a pair of actors they're looking at here - Lance Gross, a Tyler Perry regular who Evan Saathoff might be more familiar with, and Mike Colter, who is playing Master Chief in the Halo miniseries produced by Ridley Scott. Going off pure physicallity I have to say I like Colter better. 

These four for Jessica Jones might well be the final four. I expect more names to pop up for Luke Cage in the weeks to come. 

I have my fingers crossed for Daddario. I think she'd really nail it.