Our Daily Trailer: STEP BROTHERS

It's the fuckin' Catalina Wine Mixer!

This week's theme for Our Daily Trailer is our favorite movie idiots, and I can't think of someone who plays a lovable dummy better than John C. Reilly. There is no one who makes me laugh/cry/snort harder than Reilly*, from his exceptional work as Dr. Steve Brule to his dimwitted performance in Adam McKay's Step Brothers with Will Ferrell. Step Brothers pretty much killed the man child comedy genre, which is probably for the best.

You've probably all seen it, but if not: Ferrell and Reilly play Brennan and Dale, two overgrown adult children of single parents who have refused to get a life. When their parents Nancy and Robert move in together, Brennan and Dale bump heads at first, but soon realize they have a lot more in common than they think, and it's twice the headache and hilarity. So Nancy and Robert try to force them to grow up.

When Step Brothers hit theaters, we were at peak Ferrell, and I get it - the guy is funny, but for me, Reilly just gives me a total funny boner. They're both playing up the childlike idiocy, but Reilly has a far more puerile quality to his performance. It's in both his cadence and his natural appearance, with his round face and that curly, boyish hair, and the way he sort of innocently slurs his words. Ferrell has always been able to play immature, but he skews a little more obnoxious - that's not to knock Ferrell, as the two have excellent chemistry in the film, and Step Brothers obviously can't work without them bouncing off of each other so well.

Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins are also stellar as their parents, playing it fairly straight amid all the chaos, but we also get bonus idiots: Adam Scott as Brennan's upstaging, a-hole brother Derek, who's obsessed with basically turning his family into some modern version of the Partridge Family. Although Scott has become more synonymous now with the sweet and dorky Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, he can also play one hell of a jerk with his sharp features and quick line delivery. And there's also the INCREDIBLE Kathryn Hahn, who plays Derek's wife, Alice, who is bizarrely sexually obsessed with Dale. Hahn is a National Treasure. Like, Nic Cage is probably trying to figure out where she is and solve her mystery.

I know Step Brothers is probably not everyone's personal Brand of Comedy - it's silly and kind of dumb, but it's definitely right up my alley. I love these idiots. BOATS AND HOS!

*The only other person who makes me laugh so hard that I make unseemly snort-honk noises is Andy Daly. If you're unfamiliar with his work, check him out on either the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast or TV show, or on his Comedy Central show, Review.