PETER PAN LIVE! Gets A Walken-Filled Full Trailer

Must-see TV for sure.

There better be a lot of Christopher Walken’s Captain Hook in NBC’s upcoming Peter Pan Live!, because at least 200,000 of the probably 44,000,000 people watching it are watching it for that reason alone. Don’t blow it, NBC.

I don’t know that I’m actually going to see this, but I’m sincerely thinking about it. I wasn’t, though, until I saw this trailer and witnessed Walken’s Captain Hook in his full SNL glory. The singing! The dancing! The outfit! The accent! It’s all here and just as glorious as you want it to be. Not sure about the rest of it, but I think that’s just me.

December 4 is the day a million YouTube videos of Christopher Walken singing get uploaded. Be there or be the opposite of square.