Teaser Of Game Of GAME OF THRONES Reveals TV Cast, Playable Characters, Trees

Video gaming's hottest voice actor returns.

All questions regarding the manner of adaptation Telltale Games was pursuing with their Game of Thrones game of thrones - would it be an original adaptation of the books like The Walking Dead, or an adaptation of an adaptation, like Jurassic Park? How would it fit in with the existing canon? Will it sport the traditional Telltale cel-shaded look or go for a more painterly or realistic aesthetic? - were silenced today. Telltale released a little trailer and made a bunch of announcements about the game and its relationship to the HBO show. Here are the facts as Erin Brockovich would relay them:

Six is the number of episodes that the game will span - an episode longer than all of Telltale's other games, if you're into that kind of trivia.

Five is the number of playable characters, all from Stark allies House Forrester, whose goals do not all necessarily align and whose stories intersect in hopefully innovative and exciting ways.

Four is the number of HBO cast members - Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Natalie Dormer, and Iwan Rheon - appearing in the first episode (though more will come later), in and around familiar locations like the Wall and King's Landing.

Three is the number of the TV season during which the game begins, though I'm cheating on this one because it's mostly set during season four.

Two is the loneliest number since the number one.

And one is, in addition to the loneliest number, the number of hard questions Telltale just isn't answering: will Peter Dinklage be acting in this video game, or doing a cold-read the morning after an all-night bender like he apparently did on Destiny?

Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series launches in December, at some point as yet undisclosed. There will be no warning.