Great Hera! Michelle MacLaren Directing WONDER WOMAN

The much-loved TV director jumps into blockbusters with a DC movie. 

Well this makes me happy: Michelle MacLaren is directing Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. This is cool in a macro social way - a woman directing a major superhero movie! - but it's actually just cool in general because MacLaren has proven on shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones that she's an awesome director, no matter what her below the waist equipment looks like. This isn't just some kind of box-checking diversity hire, MacLaren is one of the strongest choices for a fledgling action franchise period. 

The rest of the good news is that MacLaren is on early enough to help develop the script (screenwriter names remaining unknown for now), which means she's going to have a hand in shaping the whole story. To me this indicates Warner Bros is taking the whole thing seriously, and they're not just throwing this movie out there in an effort to look progressive. Alternately I could be cynical and say this is so the studio can lay all the blame - every single bit of it - at MacLaren's feet. This is what Lexi Alexander, who said she would turn down the movie if offered despite not having directed a motion picture in four years and also not being asked, wouldn't take the gig - there's too much baggage with it. 

But good for MacLaren for being brave - and talented - enough to accept that baggage. I have a lot of hope, and I've been waiting for her to make the jump to blockbuster movies for a while now. My fingers are crossed that it goes better for her than it has for fellow great TV director Alan Taylor.