Oscar Isaac Is Apocalypse In X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

Llewyn Davis hates the X-Men.

One thing I'll say for X-Men: Apocalypse, sight unseen - it'll have a great cast. The returning Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence are being joined by Oscar Isaac, who will play Apocalypse, one of the most boring villains in the history of the X-Men. 

It's hard for me to explain it to certain people, people who grew up on the cartoon and stuff, but trust me when I tell you that Apocalypse is a bad, bad character. Because he isn't a character. He's a plot device with tubes on his arms. The X-Men comics were soap opera, where relationships and ideas motivated everything (which is why the Professor X/Magneto duology remains such fertile storytelling ground), but Apocalypse isn't really motivated by anything but action. Later stories have retconned him in big ways, attempting to weave him into the universe of the X-Men better, but in the end he's just a story device, not a real character. 

Which is why I'm hoping Oscar Isaac joining the film means Simon Kinberg's script does something with the character. Isaac is in a good place right now, and while A Most Violent Year probably won't get him an Oscar nomination it's certainly placed him in the path of one in the future. He has the Star Wars saga in his back pocket, and he's turned down Marvel Studios for the Doctor Strange role, so he's not hurting for work. He must have seen something in this script that he can work with. 

Hopefully he won't be just mocapping a ridiculous purple guy with lines on his face. I'd like to see Apocalypse totally redefined for this movie, made into a character who means something and maybe even is fun as a character, not just as a Boss Villain.