Sony Pictures Shut Down By Hackers

No, this isn't a cute headline. The studio has been hobbled by a computer invasion. 

It's probably a weird day on the Culver City lot of Sony Pictures, as hackers have gained access to every single computer on the studio's network and completely shut them down. No, this isn't the plot of a Spider-Man spin-off, it's the real truth that has crippled a major Hollywood studio. 

Employees came to work today to find this image on their computer screens:

The demands? Unclear. Reddit has begun combing through the files listed at the URLs in the image, and it looks mostly like financial stuff. Anybody hoping for SecretSpider-ManPlans.txt willl be bummed out, but anybody who made a movie with Sony and is wondering about their accounting could find this interesting. 

The deadline for Sony to capitulate (again, to what is unclear) is just about an hour from publication of this piece. As of now Sony is still shut down completely - no email, voice mail not working right, all computers useless. Why Sony? I wonder if this is less about the movies than about consumer electronics/video games. Or if these guys - GOP stands for Guardians of Peace - were just lucky and somehow got access to the system and took advantage of that. Or were they hired by North Korea as an early strike against The Interview?

If it was one of you guys and your demands are Sony returning Spidey to Marvel, let me know.