JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Takes Another Step Towards Existing

Guillermo del Toro has handed in the script. 

With all of the news and announcements in the world of DC movies and TV many have been wondering what happened to Guillermo del Toro's Justice League Dark, the team-up movie featuring the mystical and occult characters of the Vertigo and DC universes. It's still going, and not only is it still going, del Toro just handed in the script to Warner Bros.

This news comes from Forbes, who got confirmation from del Toro himself. The director says that now the ball is in Warner Bros' court as the various execs read it over the weekend and decide the fate of the project. 

When Constantine debuted on NBC many thought this spelled death for Justice League Dark (which, by the way, is now known as Dark Universe), but that show's imminent cancellation can only mean good things. That character is back in a place where he can be used correctly by someone with a real understanding of him and his universe. 

Will Warner Bros move ahead? I think there's a good chance; their willingness to break up The Stand into four films indicates a strong, strong need for new franchises. That news about The Stand also means Warner Bros believes in the future of horror adventure (as does Universal, with their new Monsters series), and Dark Universe would fit right into that. This film could also act as a jumping off point for a whole bunch of individual franchises, so it's extra positive for the studio. 

Before anyone asks: no, this wouldn't take place in the DC Movieverse. Warner Bros is walling off this section of their comic book adaptations into its own thing. Which is a bummer, as big screen Batman should totally meet John Constantine. Or Swamp Thing.