Obsessive STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Discussion & Screengrabs!

Let's dig into these 88 seconds. 

While I couldn't make it down to the Alamo Drafthouse panel about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer I still have some thoughts! You can talk to the panelists on Twitter using #alamojedi as a hashtag, and you can chat in this thread. 

Let's talk about this trailer. My sources were close - there's more dialogue in this trailer than I thought there would be, although I'd bet it's something written and recorded for the trailer. But who is speaking? That sounds a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch. I've had sources insist that Cumberbatch is doing something mocap for this movie, but it's all been too vague. Is that voice Benny?

Some screengrabs:

John Boyega! As a storm trooper! Just like we told you months ago. I like this shot a lot/ Opening on the practical desert and then having Boyega pop into frame feels like a huge mission statement. This doesn't look like the Prequels, the locations exist and the first face we see in the new Star Wars trilogy is a black one. 

A new droid! He has an astromech head on a soccer ball - I guess The Force Awakens is really going for those international dollars. I like this guy a lot. He's a nice mix of old and new. 

Daisy Ridley on a new kind of speeder! You can see the classic landspeeder design in there (as well as the colors), but it's got a neat new look. It looks sort of like an enormous rusty Popsicle. 

And here's Daisy close-up. Those are very cool goggles.

X-Wings skimming a lake! What's interesting about this Star Wars trailer - there are no star wars. All the ship stuff is in atmosphere. That's not a totally new frontier for the series, but it's new enough. I love these X-Wings in formation. And who's flying them?

Oscar Issac, apparently, although I can tell you he looks nothing like Oscar Isaac to me. Maybe I'm losing my mind. Anyway, does he have a bruise on his cheek?

The villain! Walking through a snowy woods, with a new kind of lightsaber, one that has laser cross-guard. Which seems like maybe a bad idea. Intriguing: the blade of this saber is ragged, not at all like the elegant, well-defined blades of the past.

And then the Falcon! More in atmosphere action as the ship banks around on a desert planet, flying upside down for this awesome shot. And who is the Falcon flying towards?


What an iconic shot. 

Big takeaways: the trailer only shows new characters, unless you're counting the Falcon as a character. That means the Sith at the end is new - that isn't Luke. I like that they're all new, and I like this reintroduction to the world of Star Wars

Everything looks good. What's more, everything looks Star Wars.