FROZEN 2 Is Happening, Says Idina Menzel

There could be a return to the billion dollar goldmine that is Arendelle. 

Will there be a sequel to Frozen? The songwriters behind the mega-popular Let It Go have said they want one, and the continuing deluge of Frozen merch everywhere I go indicates that the audience is there for it. But Disney Animation hasn't done a theatrical sequel in some time, and certainly not to any of their recent hits like Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph. But Frozen is another matter - there's so much money to yet be mined in the snowy mountains of Arendelle and the continuing adventures of Elsa and Anna that it seems unlikely they could stay away. 

Idina Menzel, who plays Elsa, thinks it's happening. When asked by the Telegraph about the coming Broadway show (she won't be in it) and a possible sequel she confirmed it's all coming: 

"They're all in the works," she said, which sounds like someone at Disney talked to her about a sequel. But to be fair Menzel isn't that in the know, saying "I'm just along for the ride," so it's always possible Disney will opt for a direct to video or a TV special sequel as opposed to going back to the big screen. 

But then again Frozen is the fifth highest grossing movie (worldwide) in history, so Disney would have to be incredibly restrained to not try for that kind of bank again. Even if the sequel made half what the original did - if it pulled in $200 million domestic, for instance - it would be an enormous win. But could a bad sequel hurt the larger brand, cutting off the merchandising machine at its legs? This is the calculations Disney must be doing right now.