If You Buy Only One AGUIRRE: THE WRATH OF GOD Print This Month, Make It This One

Black Dragon Press and Nico Delort's ongoing Werner Herzog series continues with a stunning take on one of the director's greatest films.

This month, our theme is "Conspicuous Consumerism," and how could it not be? December's the one month out of the year where it's considered reasonable to drain our bank accounts buying gifts for our friends, families and - let's face it - ourselves. And so, for the next four weeks, Team BAD will be bringing you daily links to the coolest, geekiest, most decadent gifts you can purchase this holiday season. Today, I'm kicking off the series with the latest screenprint from Black Dragon Press' ongoing Werner Herzog series.

Earlier this year, Black Dragon Press and artist Nico Delort dropped an absolutely stunning poster for Herzog's Nosferatu, and now they've reunited for Herzog's 1972 classic, Aguirre: The Wrath Of God. I've expelled no small amount of digital ink praising Delort's work this year, and at this point I'm not sure there's anything left to say. Let's just let these amazing images speak for themselves:

4-color, 18x24" hand-pulled screen print Hand numbered. £40 ($62.85) Edition of 200.

4-color, 18x24" hand-pulled screen print Hand numbered. £65 ($102.13) Edition of 50.

Here are some detail images, just to give you an idea how intricate this piece will be in person. As per usual, Delort's craftsmanship is top-notch (and by the way, I own Black Dragon's Nosferatu piece, and can tell you their printing quality is impeccable; every print is hand-pulled and printed on super high-quality paper).

Oh, and check this out: the folks at Black Dragon put together a snazzy little video showing Delort's process for creating Aguirre. As was the case with their Nosferatu process-video, this clip really shows off the painstaking process that goes into these prints. I'm in awe of this dude.

Black Dragon Press and Nico Delort's Aguirre: The Wrath Of God will go on sale this Wednesday at 2pm GMT at the Black Dragon website. With only 200 reg's and 50 variants to go around, they're expected to go quickly, so be ready to conspicuously consume with a quickness on Wednesday afternoon. I'm going to recommend this purchase for the art enthusiast and/or Herzog superfan in your life. Buy with confidence: they'll be overjoyed when they unroll this one.