Badass Podcast #27: How To Avoid Family With Movies This Holiday Season

Phil and Evan are here to help you through trying times.

This week, Phil and I ignored Hollywood’s big theatrical release(s) and instead just watched every other goddamn movie ever made. It’s possible we missed a couple, but I doubt it. These are all the movies we watched over Thanksgiving. Hopefully they will keep you going throughout Christmas.

All is Lost



Journey to the West

Iron Monkey

Big Hero 6

RoboCop 3


First Blood Pt. 2

The Limey

...and of course (because it's Phil's favorite film series), we discuss Star Wars.

As you might expect, this large slate of films means our beloved padcast runs quite a bit longer than usual. I don’t know if it’s the longest episode yet, but it’s certainly the longest since Phil took over. We basically go through the films one by one, then get sidetracked by nonsense, then take listener questions, then make fun of listener questions, then get sidetracked by other stuff, then end the show. You know how we do.

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