Our Daily Trailer: LETHAL WEAPON

Incidental Christmas week continues with another Shane Black film. Get used to it.

I think when it comes to action movies that happen to take place on Christmas, Die Hard takes the cake. In just about any action movie category I can think of, however, Die Hard usually takes the cake. It’s Die Hard.

But in a sad world where Die Hard doesn’t exist, the conversation would be a lot more lively and uncertain. I’m not sure Lethal Weapon would ultimately rule supreme, but it would definitely be up there.

There isn’t a ton of Christmas in Lethal Weapon, but it doesn’t take much when there’s a scene like the one where Gary Busey’s Mr. Joshua stalks through Murtaugh’s house and ends up shooting a television playing a Christmas special. We’ve all been there.

There is more though! Riggs’ big introduction takes place on a Christmas tree lot, for instance. Plus, the holidays are very popular times for people to kill themselves, and the threat of people killing themselves is all over this movie.

As for this trailer, I don’t know if it’s good, and I don’t know if it’s bad. I just know I love every second of it, and I have a feeling you will too.