Comedy Central’s KROLL SHOW Looks Like It’s Going Out With A Bang

Check out this fantastic trailer for KROLL SHOW's third and final season.

We don't talk enough about Comedy Central's Kroll Show around here, and for this, I apologize. For the past two seasons, comedian Nick Kroll and a murderer's row of comic talent (Chelsea Peretti, John Mulaney, Jon Daly, Jason Mantzoukas and infallible goddess Jenny Slate) have been absolutely killing it with...well, with a show that sort of defies simple description.

I'll give it a shot, anyway: Kroll Show started out as a bit of a shaggy-dog sketch series (with intermittent bouts of Tim And Eric-style weirdness), rearranged itself into a scathing satire of reality TV, and has ultimately crystallized into a show concerning a sprawling cast of bizarro characters whose adventures overlap in increasingly unexpected ways. Kroll Show's still largely about idiot culture (reality TV, L.A. flunkies, clueless elderly people with a penchant for "prahnks"), but seeing it all solidify over the past two seasons has been a genuine treat.

Sadly, the trailer above indicates that we've arrived at the show's third and final season. Good news is, it appears the show's pulled out all the stops for its final batch of episodes. There's some big-name guest stars in here (including Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Nathan Fillion and fellow Comedy Central show-haver Nathan Fielder*), and the production values look higher than they've ever been. Extra bonus: this season looks like Bobby Bottleservice is going to get a major storyline - his mother (cue manly weeping) has been kidnapped! Woe be to those kidnappers. Are you guys watching this show? If you're not, you're doing yourselves a major disservice. Get caught up before the final season starts on January 13th. If you're on the fence, watch the clip below. If you're not onboard by the end of it, well, I don't know what else we can do for you.

* = And am I crazy, or is that Henry Rollins getting Too Much Tuna'd at 1:06?