Lifetime’s DAMIEN TV Series Gets Its Damien

He looks nice, but don’t piss him off!

Lifetime, yes Lifetime, is making a series that will be all about that wacky kid Damien from The Omen and his dream of one day ending all life as we know it because he is the Antichrist and that's how Antichrists roll. It’s going to be six episodes long and will surely piss people off. I mean, he’s not all evil in this one. He’s a guy haunted by his past and all that. People just love that sort of angle. That was sarcasm.

Anyway, Deadline reports that they’ve finally cast their Damien and it will be a fellow named Bradley James. I don’t know who that is, but he was apparently on Merlin. I also don’t know what that is.

Some of you ladies and gay gentlemen may look at this actor and think he’s super handsome. That is a trap! He is actually evil. I know you have a thing for sad, regretful men who just need the right guidance, but you cannot save this one. He will fuck you up. Hands off!

Damien should premiere in 2015. It will be written and executive produced by Glen Mazzara. Shekhar Kapur is directing the first episode.