THE CROW Remake Gets Another Director

Someone you don’t know at all!

Poor The Crow remake. It’s not a movie idea I have much affection for, but this production sure has had a hard time getting things together. The last report on the film indicated an early 2015 start on production. At the time, it seemed F. Javier Gutiérrez was still going to direct, but they didn’t have an actor yet.

That was way off. Luke Evans is still going to be the lead (I was under the impression he had given up on this whole thing). Meanwhile F. Javier Gutiérrez is now off the project to make the next Ring movie. The film will instead be directed by someone named Corin Hardy. You probably don’t know Corin Hardy because his big movie, The Hallow, hasn’t come out yet. But he apparently got the job after being recommended by Edgar Wright, which is kind of cool.

So I’m starting to pull for this movie if only because it had to fight so hard to get in front of our eyeballs. I doubt it will be all that great (I sort of doubt ANY Crow movie can be all that great), but sometimes you just have to applaud such raw (commercially-influenced) audacity to keep going when even fate seems to want you to sit down and be quiet.