The Rock To Probably Take Over Voice Acting As Well With Disney’s MOANA

No, Evan will never stop calling him The Rock.

Obviously, The Rock can do anything. One day, he may even be president of this great country. His policies will be sensitive but firm. He will charm us with his smile while scaring the shit out of The Iron Sheik or any other international villain who might think about getting in the ring with us.

But for now, he’s still just conquering the film industry. According to The Wrap, that will now include doing voice acting work in Disney cartoons.

The Rock is in talks, currently just talks, to take the sidekick role in 2016’s Moana, which is about a girl who sails the seas in search of a fabled island. It makes sense that he would join the film as he is part Samoanan.* The Rock would play a famous demigod, so he’s still making sure that even when appearing in kid’s films, he’s still got that sensitive but firm thing on lockdown.

As implied above, this is not yet a done deal. I imagine that if Disney can’t get The Rock, however, they will end production on the film immediately and make a public apology. So look forward to either announcement soon.

* Let’s get real. I only wrote this article to make that stupid joke.