BEN-HUR Picks Its Ben-Her

Good news for all you HOMELAND fans?

Is anyone excited bout Timur Bekmambetov’s upcoming Ben-Hur adaptation? I’m not asking that with any negative inflection - I really can’t tell if this is a movie people want or not. For my money, I think it has the possibility of being interesting/really weird. On the other hand, I only have, like, two bucks.

We already know Jack Huston will lead a cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Toby Kebbell, and Pedro Pascal. Now we can drop another name onto that list: Nazanin Bonaidi. I didn’t say it was a household name.

Unless, of course, your household watches Homeland, which is where most people probably know Bonaidi. My household has no idea. Bonaidi will play Esther. She is a slave who ends up being Ben-Hur’s love interest. Initially, this part was supposed to go to Gal Gadot, but she will instead be Wonder Woman forever and ever and ever.

This is not a done deal yet. Bonaidi still has to do some negotiating and make a deal. We will follow the details of those negotiations closely, as it will surely provide decent-to-good click bait.