Krysten Ritter Nabs Role Of Marvel’s Jessica Jones

And it seems like we might know who’s playing Luke Cage as well!

Marvel’s Daredevil series for Netflix is currently shooting, but not much has been going on with their other three shows: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. That all changes today.

According to Deadline (but not Marvel) Krysten Rytter will play Jessica Jones. You may know Krysten Rytter from when she choked to death on her own vomit in Breaking Bad. Or you might know her in real life, where her vomit is mostly non-lethal. You may also know her from Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars or some combination of all of these things. Or you might not know her at all. I’ve leaving no stone unturned here.

Now you will know her as a Marvel ass-kicker. I don’t actually know much about Jessica Jones. She is apparently a retired superhero focused more on being a detective. Unless I’m mistaken or this is not true anymore, she is married to Luke Cage.

And speaking of Luke Cage, Rytter got the part largely because of her chemistry with actor Mike Colter, who Deadline believes will get that role. Sorry Michael Jai White and Old Spice Guy. Or maybe not. Colter’s thing is still more on the speculative side at this point.

As for Ritter (okay, okay - I’ll stop misspelling her last name), it’ll be interesting to see how she does with the role. It’ll be interesting just to see the role at all. I’m extremely curious about how this whole Marvel Netflix thing is going to go down. It could be awesome, but I’m really not into the Daredevil peeks we’ve received so far.

Unless you couldn’t tell, I barely know what I’m talking about here. I’ll let you fill me in in the comments below. What do you think about Ritter’s as Jessica Jones?