The Alamo Drafthouse Presents: THE RETURN OF CAGED!

We're doing it AGAIN. Because Nic Cage's Birthday only comes once a year and we're going to continue to throw him this party until he shows up.

Tough Guy Cinema presents CAGED 2:UNCAGED - The Nicolas Cage Marathon from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.

Dear Mr. Nicolas Cage,

I hope this letter finds you well and working on another incredible project, as I am quite a large fan of your work. I recently found myself in New Orleans and took it upon myself to visit your future grave, WHAT A SIGHT! A befitting plot for such an esteemed man. Anywho, you may not have heard, but last year I threw you a birthday party at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. I'm sure it was just some sort of mix-up or invitation lost in the mail scenario, but I'm sorry you were unable to attend. I know second chances don't come around everyday but I figured I'd take your birthday this coming January as an opportunity to formally invite you to attend what is quickly becoming our annual Nicolas Cage birthday celebration. You can kick back, relax, have a cold beer or two (or wine from a human skull if you prefer), as you enjoy some of your greatest contributions to cinema in 35mm. I'd be happy to buy you a pizza and, if you play your cards right, there could even be a cake there with your name on it...literally.  I very much hope this invitation finds you in earnest and I look forward to your reply.


Greg "I Love You Nicolas Cage" MacLennan


That's right...CAGED 2. We're doing it AGAIN because Nic Cage's Birthday only comes around once a year. Who says sequels can't be better than the first? Last year we did the impossible and crafted a Cage marathon unlike any the world had ever seen. We promised ourselves then and there that we would continue do throw this party until the man himself shows up.

Fifty-one years ago this January, the world was given the gift of Nicolas Cage, and to commemorate that truly miraculous moment of conception, Tough Guy Cinema is celebrating Cage's 51st birthday with a VERY special FIVE mystery movie marathon called CAGED 2:UNCAGED. This year we're taking the gloves off and letting Cage truly run free in a no-holds-barred celebration of the moving miracle Nicolas Cage.

Maybe you're not familiar with the term "mega acting," but if you've ever been lucky enough to see Nic Cage let loose, you probably have an appreciation for it...and if you don't, it's probably because you don't understand it. The idea is that it's not overacting but rather an intentional acting choice to be deliberately extreme.

As Nic Cage puts it, "I often refer to it as outside the box, as opposed to over the top. The two things mean the same thing on one hand but one sort of celebrates the idea of breaking free and going into other forms of expression, whether they’re abstract or extreme. The other sort of implies you’re not being truthful to the part, but see, I don’t know how you measure something like that because life can be extreme and life can be mega.”

And MEGA it shall be. We are diving into the pool of 30 plus years of incredible Nicolas Cage performances to bring you the absolute greatest selection of Cage films that will blow your mind, challenge your heart and forever change your soul. Break free of the shackles of normalcy and embrace the absolute EXTREME for a 10+ hour thrill ride of Cage's mightiest, most forgotten and downright bizarre films with a hearty complement of pure Cage trailers, food specials and a couple surprises of Cage proportions, including a film introduction or two from AFS programmer and dear friend of the Alamo Lars Nilsen. Open your mind and strap yourself down because this January at the Alamo Drafthouse, Tough Guy Cinema is uncaging the CAGE!!!!