They Should Have Led With This TERMINATOR GENISYS Trailer

The first full trailer for the fifth

I was watching this trailer and rolling my eyes at stuff like the big time travel scene and the shot-for-shot recreation of Kyle Reese arriving in Los Angeles... until a badass Sarah Connor drove a truck through the window of the department store where Kyle is hiding out from the cops and one of the cops was revealed as a T-1000 and I was like, "Oh, this is cool."

I don't fully understand this trailer - Reese is clearly sent to the 80s, so why are there 21st century cars on the bridge at the end of the trailer? Do Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese travel into the future to see what happens after they stop Judgment Day?

So here's what's good - the way they're explaining the divergent timeline (remember, in this film a Terminator is sent back to raise young Sarah Connor, and he kills the Terminator from Terminator at the moment it appears at Griffith Observatory) and working in the original movie. I like Emilia Clarke in her scenes here - she's truly channeling Linda Hamliton. A Terminator skydiving into a helicopter is cool, if so CGIed as to be utterly meaningless. What's not so good: the effects are very unfinished, and I don't know why they would include a young Arnie CG model if it looks this bad. Jai Courtney has none of Micheal Biehn's charm. Jason Clarke's scars are pretty hilarious. This is a fifth Terminator movie, which nobody needed. 

The marketing for this has been dismal so far, but this trailer gives me at least a little bit of hope that even if this is a clusterfuck, it'll be a clever clusterfuck. I honestly think that truck coming into the department store is very, very clever. 

Here's the poster, which makes it look like Terence Malick's The Terminator: