Our Daily Trailer: INSIDE

Holiday Horror Week begins with the best.

This week we're celebrating Holiday Horror on Our Daily Trailer, and it's a good time to point you toward Brian's excellent roundup of scary Christmas movies in this month's Birth.Movies.Death., among all of the other great holiday content we have in the issue.

There's a reason horror nerds treat hallow the names Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. Their sophomore film Livid is a little-seen (never distributed in the U.S. outside of film festivals) fantastical feast and this year's Among the Living, though their weakest film, never shies from surprising. But it's their first movie, Inside (or À l'intérieur), that earned these directors sacred status. Inside is a righteous fucking horror film, relentless and alive, prodigiously bloody, and it just so happens to take place on Christmas Eve, making it a swell potential holiday tradition for those of you who aren't afraid to alienate some relatives.

There aren't a lot of viable trailer options for Inside - we're stuck with dubbed versions, ones with smooshed aspect ratios or fan trailers - but even the best version of this trailer would do no justice to the film itself. It's too flashy (literally: so many flashes!) and jumpy and typical-looking, instead of the smooth, quiet, dreadful ascent of the movie. If you've never seen it, you have no excuse - it's the only one of Bustillo and Maury's feature films that is readily available to U.S. viewers. Take advantage of that! Buy it at the link below, or stream it here. I can promise you that Inside will utterly terrify you, and you'll be glad it did.