The Canon Episode 6: INCEPTION

Does Christopher Nolan's dream heist movie deserve the acclaim of being admitted to The Canon?

This week's episode, Inception, finds us discussing our most recent movie yet. For those worried that this show is just Amy and Devin Talk About Very Popular Films From The Recent Past - it's going to get better! As I say in the intro to this episode we're trying to build an audience here, and one of the best ways to do that is to discuss more accessible movies. By which I mean not just movies that are fun to watch, but movies that people listening have probably seen already. We're going to be traveling back before the 80s and outside the shores of America soon, but likely not until the new year. 

As for this episode: with Interstellar in theaters we thought it would be nice to revisit Christopher Nolan's last truly acclaimed movie, and the movie of his that I like the best. I truly love Inception, and revisiting it for this episode only made me love even more. I think it's the greatest film Nolan has made. 

Listen here and decide for yourself! As always, please feel free to rate us and review us on iTunes, subscribe using your favorite podcast app and tell all your friends about the show.