The Rock Looks Like The Rock In First SAN ANDREAS Images

Hey guys! He wears a different super tight shirt in this one!

We’re all excited to see The Rock punch an earthquake in the upcoming San Andreas, a chilling but scientifically accurate account of what happened that time “the big one” hit, and a helicopter pilot had to save his wife and kid from all the quaking because they are not experienced dancers.

Tomorrow we’ll get our first trailer for the film, but don’t let that make Monday seem like a lazy slouch. We at least get some pictures!

These come from USA Today. As you can see, only two really seem like movie stills. After that it’s just a bunch of behind-the-scenes malarky. But whatever. It’s still nice to know that The Rock has not decided to change up his look for this one. In fact, let’s just assume he’s playing Hobbs and this is one of hopefully many Fast & Furious spinoffs.