Our Daily Trailer: JACK FROST

Some scary shit right here.

This week Our Daily Trailer will focus solely on scary Christmas films. It’s not a competition, but I’m still going to win because mine is the only one where a snowman uses his carrot-nose to have sex with Shannon Elizabeth.

Actually, the whole famous-ish scene, while dumb well beyond the point of humorous, is still in pretty poor taste since the snowman rapes her. His post-rape quip makes things even worse. So while you can tell me this movie was intended to just be a silly b-movie romp, it still packs a ton of horror, even if it’s just moral ugliness.

Also, it’s not a very good movie. Just look at this trailer. Jack Frost stands as one of the better known Silly Killers DTV we used to get all the time. I want to say he’s one of the stupidest but competition is fierce.

That’s it. That’s all I want to say. This movie is sort of a little bit funny. And now I don’t want to talk about it any more.