The Rock Gets Rolled In The SAN ANDREAS Trailer

This looks far stupider than we previously imagined.

I knew that San Andreas was going to be a big dumb disaster movie, but I didn't know it was going to be a big dumb disaster movie where the Big One hitting California would impact THE WHOLE COUNTRY. Yes, this film posits an earthquake (or a swarm, maybe) that is so powerful Paul Giamatti must show up, accept a check to pay his mortgage and tell the east coast that they're about to feel the shaking. This speaks to the self-centered nature of us out here in California - we assume our own disaster will take out everybody else too. We just can't imagine a country without us. 

I'm not sure if this trailer is terrible, but it definitely leans on the CGI destruction more than the Dwayne Johnson stuff. I'm curious what The Rock is even doing in this movie - it appears as if he's John Cusack circa 2012 here, just a guy running (and flying) between falling buildings and giant holes in the ground. Do we want to see The Rock react? I wanted to see him hitting things.