Getting Grown Up With LOCKE, THE ONE I LOVE, and TOP FIVE

Phil and Evan put some hair on their chests for this one.

The proud and true Badass Digest Padcast Podcast keeps rolling along, this week with a look at two to this year’s biggest films, Locke and The One I Love. I also discuss Chris Rock’s Top Five a little. Obviously, Phil and I get into some adult shit with these subjects, and as such, we made sure that this week’s edition is as grown up and mature as it should be. I really did my best anyway. It all falls apart once we start talking about Godzilla.

Next week Phil’s taking a break and BAD’s video game maniac and New Zealand resident Andrew Todd will join me instead to talk about The Hobbit 3: Dawn of Justice. I will of course miss Phil, but look forward to hanging out with Andrew again. If you didn’t know, he’s super funny.

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