INSIDE OUT Trailer: This Isn’t Actually A Sitcom From The 50s

But it sort of has the attitude of one.

I'm hopeful for Inside Out, the next film from Pixar, but that's mostly because I've seen more of the movie than what is presented in this trailer. I've seen this piece - it was shown at CinemaCon early this year - but I've also seen more with the emotions themselves, the true focus of the movie. In the film everyone has a committee of five emotions that rule their lives, and when two of a young girl's go on a mission things get weird. 

But this trailer just plays like a sitcom episode with very outdated ideas about gender and relationships. Dad's spacing out thinking about sports! Mom is exasperated and probably henpecks dad. Dad just can't get it right! Every bit of this dynamic feels very, very old to me. 

Like I said, I've seen more than this, and I like what I've seen. But Pixar, let's get your characters into the 21st century right where your technology is, huh?