Kirsten Dunst And Jesse Plemons Heading To FARGO Season 2

Wow, this show will almost have Matt Damon in it!

To my eternal shame, I have yet to watch more than one episode of FX’s Fargo series. Now they’re going forward with season two, and I’m just going to end up with more regret. Oh, how I’ve mis-lived my life.

Season two has already cast a few roles with actors such as Jeffrey Donovan and Rachel Keller. Now, according to EW, it has also added Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst. Plemons will play a butcher’s assistant, while Dunst will play his wife, a beautician who wants to move to the big city.

This season of Fargo actually takes place in 1979. In addition to all these knuckleheads, it will feature young versions of characters viewers know from season one, namely Lou and and Molly Solverson. Molly’s going to be a four year old, so obviously she won’t be played by Allison Tolman.

What are the odds we’ll get to see Jesse Plemons murdering people again? I’d say pretty good. And I can’t deny that I’ve missed it.