Worship At The Altar Of Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons With These Prayer Candles

Holy shit. 

Hi. Hello. Do you like candles? Do you obsess over particular pop culture icons? What if you could combine your love of candles with your love of, say, Twin Peaks or David Bowie or Broad City? You're like, "Yes, this is a very good idea. Please tell me more."

Seriously, if you can think of something crafty and you type it into Google, chances are someone on Etsy has made it. (Except for a Werner Herzog action figure. This does not exist. If you're creatively inclined, I just gave you some free advice on how to make a lot of money.) If you go to Etsy and type "prayer candles" in the search box, you're going to find a whole treasure trove of wonderful candles featuring the sainted faces of your beloved pop culture idols.

Personally, I'm partial to the Saint Celebrity shop on Etsy, which has sainted Abbi and Ilana from Broad City, Beyonce (she doesn't need a candle to prove her sainthood, though), the cast of Girls and pizza. You know how I feel about pizza:

Oh, but we're not done yet. There's also the 2hearts2suns shop, which features the saints of Twin Peaks: Audrey and Agent Dale Cooper. They've also made saints out of Divine and Pee-wee Herman. I mean:

Again, we're not done yet. Every time I see an awesome candle, I just shout with joy like Kristen Wiig's Target Lady: "It's a candle!" How would you like sainted versions of David Bowie, Tupac, Bob "Happy Little Trees" Ross or a crazy insane Nic Cage? Holy Pop Culture has all of them and then some. You can own them by simply exchanging your money for these rad goods. You can have them all for your altar/decorative table/rectory/to cast spells on your enemies if you like.

So there. If you need some gift-giving ideas for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/congratulating yourself on making it through another year and keeping your shit together, I just gave you gold.