Good Old McDonald’s Is Getting Its Own THE SOCIAL NETWORK-Type Movie

It’s going to taste delicious.

We all loved it when The Social Network told us all about how Facebook came about, so why not a movie which gives the same treatment to America’s favorite fine dining establishment, McDonald’s? People love movies. People love $1 cheeseburgers. It’s a match made in Heaven, a place which just got its first McDonald's.

According to THR, The Blind Side and Saving Mr. Banks director John Lee Hancock is in negotiations to direct The Founder, which will tell the story of how Ray Kroc (who also invented a lovely line of foam sandals) yanked McDonald’s from Mac and Dick McDonald and turned it into that gasoline all our bodies need to survive.

I’m sure this is a riveting story. I mean, I’m kind of sure. The film will be written Big Fan’s Robert Siegel, so there’s that. According to /Film, big names like Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton are circling the project, which is really just a dead giveaway that they like Big Macs. I feel sorry for them because that shit is supposed to be secret.

Tonally, this is being compared not just to The Social Network but also There Will be Blood. If The Blind Side is any indication, that should be totally achievable.