How Can You Recognize Thomas Pynchon In INHERENT VICE?

The director drew a picture of the reclusive author so you can spot him better. 

The only thing more amazing than a Thomas Pynchon movie adaptation is the fact that Thomas Pynchon has a cameo in said movie. Pynchon is one of the most reclusive authors this side of JD Salinger, and devotees of the literary genius would surely love to know where he is in the film. After all, there are no photos of Pynchon from the last few decades. In fact director Paul Thomas Anderson is counting on the Pynchon hardcore: 

Can you put a dollar amount on how many tickets might be sold to Pynchon freaks who have to see? Chances are they could come back 50 times, buying a ticket each time, and that, you know, that's a lot of money that we can't just throw out the window, so we have to keep … (laughs) He's absolutely in there somewhere! You just have to keep coming back to find it! I wish you all luck.

Here's what Pynchon once looked like: 

Those teeth! That should make him stand out. I wasn't looking for Pynchon in my first viewing, but when I rewatch Inherent Vice I'll keep an eye out for those chompers on an old guy. 

Anderson did give one more clue. He drew a picture of Pynchon for a reporter from Metro... but I'm not sure how much this helps: