Buy The MISTER BABADOOK Pop-Up Book For The Child You Secretly Want To Murder

The book from the film can now turn up on YOUR front door!

People are loving The Babadook, Jennifer Kent’s debut feature film released to theaters and VOD last month. (If you haven’t seen it yet, go!) On Twitter, William Friedkin himself said "I've never seen a more terrifying film," and then volunteered to introduce the picture at its Los Angeles screenings. Whether you love it or not (I did), seeing such a small production generate so much excitement among the industry’s elder statesmen is pretty cool. It’s been gratifying to see folks get behind a horror film that’s not a sequel, reboot, remake or franchise (not yet, anyway).

I don’t have children, but if you do, perhaps you connected with The Babadook on an even deeper level. And if you have children, maybe you want to pre-order this combo prop replica/film tie-in book, which was recently successfully crowdfunded and is now in the pre-order stage.

Perhaps the special little child in your life will be amused, and maybe a little frightened, by the imaginative pop-up book that drives the plot of the film. Your child might even have nightmares after reading about the horrible monster that lives in the shadows of the house, growing and plotting in the dark. They’ll come running and crying into your room at all hours, whining about Mister Babadook. It won’t matter that you're tired. It won’t matter that you’d just gotten to sleep. That child will need you. You will have to put everything aside and make sure that the child comes first. Of course, the child doesn't know the difference between what it actually needs and what it simply wants, so everything for which it asks will be demanded of you with equal importance. EVERYTHING has to stop because they’re hungry, or they have to pee, or they fell down and scraped their elbow. It’s a constant stream of GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME with this kid. Can you remember what silence even felt like? How long has it been since the house was quiet enough for you to even hear a fucking bird chirping outside?? That’s all in the past now, isn’t it? Now your life is just about answering that endless litany of wants and needs coming out of that kid’s pie hole. How could something so small make so much noise?? GOD!

And here you are, buying this monster a book that’s just going to end up costing YOU sleep. AND 60 dollars. Does that little shit even know how much 60 dollars is?? You do and do for this child, and in return you get nothing but trouble and aggravation. Be honest: you’re kind of hoping the little bastard is going to be scared witless by this book, aren't you? God, it’ll be a SCREAM to watch those eyes fill up with tears, to see that kid at the end of a rope for once. Go ahead, pre-order the book. You know you want to. The kid’s got it coming.