Disney CEO Bob Iger Says More INDIANA JONES Movies Are On The Way

But not immediately. 

Since Disney took over Lucasfilm, most of the news has been about Star Wars, but of course there's always been the possibility for more Indiana Jones films. And during a recent conversation with Variety, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that this is, in fact, the plan. 

So that's happening! ...eventually. Harrison Ford is 72, and he and his dad pants felt too old to play Indy in 2008's The Kingdom of Crystal Skull. I can't imagine anyone thinks it's a good idea for Ford to wield the whip in what could be several more years, and that means reboot. I don't hate this idea, necessarily, but it would take a special actor to fill Ford's shoes. Of course, he (or she! Imagine.) can't do a worse job of filling those shoes than Ford himself did in Crystal Skull, so at least the bad movie seal has already been broken.

How do you guys feel about this sorta news?