Here’s Why Shawn Levy Left The MINECRAFT Movie

Sensible, logical, and friendly: The Hollywood Way.

Not every story that comes out of Hollywood is a dramatic shit-show that we only see because North Korea leaks it onto the Internet. Sometimes things happen in a calm and cool manner. It’s just not as exciting.

The other day news came out that Shawn Levy would not direct Warner Brothers’ Minecraft movie after all. No one knew why. I’m not sure anyone really cared why. But now we know why. And now you all care. You care so hard you would trade Christmas just to read what happens next.

Discussing his Minecraft departure with the Wall Street Journal, Levy put it all out there:

What happened simply is, Warners asked me to develop kind of how might this ever be a story for a movie, because it’s not a narrative game. We came up with an approach that felt good to us and I discussed it with Mojang, the game makers who make Minecraft, and they were like, that doesn’t sound like what we want if we’re gonna see a movie get made. We don’t know what we want, but that doesn’t feel right. And I said okay, well that feels like — that’s a movie I can envision.

He also added:

I thought it could have been a lot of fun and fulfilled a lot of the qualities people love about the game,” he said. “But you know what it’s not my game, they know what they’re doing. And the truth is there is a long history of trying to make great movies out of games, and they’re rarely done well. I think Mojang is still figuring out what they want. We gave it a shot and it wasn’t the right fit, and so these things happen.

What a nice guy! He knows how these things work, and he’s not mad or bummed out at all. See, this the REAL Hollywood. The one I know. Everyone is friendly with everyone else. We all want to see each other succeed, but if something doesn’t work out, you know what? That’s just a new opportunity for a new opportunity to arise. So good luck Shawn Levy! Good luck to us all!

(via /Film)