What's this?

It's holiday horror week, and I'm wrapping it up (zing) with the trailer for The Nightmare Before Christmas - a film that's totally proper to watch anytime between October and December thanks to the delightful story of Jack the Pumpkin King, who sets out to kidnap Santa Claus and bring Christmas to the people of Halloweentown. There's no use in pretending that you're above being charmed by this movie because it is absolutely 100% wonderful.

What makes The Nightmare Before Christmas special isn't just the specific design aesthetic from the collaboration between Tim Burton and director Henry Selick, but the way that this fantastical concept is filled with so much heart. It's easy to relate to Jack, who feels an emptiness inside and isn't sure what he's missing, and who covets the greener grass on the other side, rather than being happy with everything that's already so special around him. It's easy to relate to Sally, who works for a demanding and horrible boss, who constantly tries to stifle her feelings and her aspirations. Jack longs for something special, and Sally longs to follow her heart and be free. Together they have so much to teach and share with one another.

Also, you know, this movie has some really spectacular music. "What's This?" is the song everyone thinks of when they think of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but my favorite musical moment is during "Jack's Lament," when the song reaches a very dramatic climax and Jack fiercely sing-shouts "AND I JACK... THE PUMPKIN KING." It's just such a super serious "listen to what the fuck I am saying, I own this" moment. Of course, all of the songs are lovely - so lovely that several musicians released an album of cover versions of the songs, like Fiona Apple singing "Sally's Song," which is just too perfect.

There's so much joy and spirit and kooky fun in The Nightmare Before Christmas, from the way it condenses two holiday films into one, to the wacky antics of Lock, Shock, and Barrel, to the creepy cool monstrosity that is Oogie Boogie, and obviously, the sweet journey of Jack and Sally.

I mean, I don't really know why I'm explaining to you why this movie rules when you knew this already.