The INSURGENT Trailer: Every YA Movie In One

This trailer is a lot of things.

The trailer for Insurgent, the sequel to this year's Divergent, is a bit of a mess, isn't it? It feels like the most generic parody of all YA dystopian adaptations rolled into one: romance, sci-fi, action, fantasy, and it all looks shoddy and unfinished. The few moments that could have been cool - Shailene Woodley's Tris diving through the glass wall onto herself, for instance - aren't given a moment to breathe; every beat feels rushed and lacks focus. It's all just exhausting instead of exciting.

And poor Kate Winslet looks bored silly in this jumbled, slipshod universe. Who can blame her? I didn't feel even a momentary interest in the film while watching this trailer, and I read and sort of enjoyed the book. I guess they're rushing to capitalize on Divergent's box office success, releasing the sequel a year after the first film, but it feels like they could have taken a little more time with this one.