Sony Leak Reveals A Muddy Possible Director For DC’s AQUAMAN

He's not covered in foulness. He just directed a movie called MUD.

The Sony hack keeps giving us a weird mixture of voyeuristic ugliness and red hot movie news. North Korea can't fire working rockets but they sure know how to offer us hours of ugly, soap operatic entertainment! (If it wasn't North Korea, it will still always be North Korea to me.)

Today's big item involves DC and Warner Bros' tentative plans for Aquaman, the massive mainstream movie about everyone's #1 superhero to make fun of. The word is that the main contender to direct the film is Jeff Nichols, director of Mud.

This might sound strange at first since Mud was a small and quiet (and also very good) coming of age drama. But consider how much water it featured. More than most movies, I can tell you that.

So maybe it's not so crazy. There's been a definite trend lately in which small directors suddenly get to play with big, major films. This seems like another example of that. I hope Joe Swanberg gets the Cyborg movie.

Whoever they end up getting for Aquaman, that person's going to be waging an uphill battle getting everyone to take his or her movie seriously. Nabbing a solid but unexpected director could be exactly the right move.