The Canon Episode 7: BEAUTY & THE BEAST vs THE LION KING

It's a Disney deathmatch on the latest episode of the podcast that has a small segment of a niche aspect of America talking!

This week on The Canon we tackle the Disney Renaissance as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King go head to head for supremacy. I must admit: I was forced to take a side in this conflict as I'm not a particularly huge fan of either film. Still, it seems clear that a film from the Disney Renaissance - that period after The Little Mermaid when the studio was redefining its animated movie division in a major, culture-impacting way - needs to be in The Canon. 

Speaking of being in The Canon... we don't have a lot of movies in there yet! We're seven episodes in and this will give us our third movie in The Canon, and two of them are only in there because they were VS episodes! A Canon listener has made a helpful Letterboxd list of all the films that have made The Canon, and I'm hoping to see that list grow in the coming weeks. Click here to see it

The episode is below. As always, please rate, subscribe, etc - and please share! The show has been growing in leaps and bounds and I think we're getting better and better, and it's time to get more people on the Canon train. 

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