Chris Pratt Is BFFs With A Raptor In This New JURASSIC WORLD Image

Raptor Buddies in full effect!

I really didn't like the bit in the Jurassic World teaser where Chris Pratt comes riding on his bike flanked by his raptor buddies. I just hate the idea of turning the raptors into pets or pals for the heroes of this film, even if the concept is to show how tough the new bad dino is (it's so tough even the raptors are against it!). Pratt and director Colin Treverrow have said that the raptors aren't buddies in the film, but releasing a still like this certainly doesn't erase the concept. 

I know, it's a publicity shot not a film still. This is Pratt posing with a practical dino, and if it had been released before the trailer we'd all be "Cool practical dino!" But after Raptor Buddies this just looks like an ad for a buddy cop movie. Theodore Rex: The Next Generation

At this point Jurassic World feels a bit like an underdog. Chris Pratt had to come out and say that the movie is going to be better than the trailer - which is really not the kind of statement you should have to be making after your big splash debut. I'm not judging the movie until I sit in my seat and watch it, but man I am not a fan of the marketing yet.