Viola Davis Likely To Join DC’s SUICIDE SQUAD As Amanda Waller

She’s no Oprah, but we’ll all just have to deal with it.

According to Latino Review, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad pretty much has its Amanda Waller in the form of badass How to Get Away with Murder star Viola Davis. This is not a totally done deal yet, as the film will have to figure out a way to schedule her around her show. As already stated, her show is called How to Get Away with Murder. MY show is called How to Get Away with Writing How to Get Away with Murder Twice in One Paragraph. (It’ll get better in season 2.)

Amanda Waller is basically the lady in charge of putting the Suicide Squad together. Davis is an inspired choice, in that she’s a completely obvious one that we all probably could have seen a mile away. I’m okay with that since the rest of this film’s casting has been so weird. Really, the fact that it’s a David Ayer film means I’m going to be pretty much okay with whatever. His involvement indicates at least a strange movie if not a good one.

But I’m bummed it wasn’t Oprah. I never really believed those rumors had much going for them, but a man can dream.