A Disney trademark filing may have given us another named character. 

When Disney announced the names of the lead characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens it also registered the trademarks for those names - BB-8, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, etc. But they had one more name in that trademark batch, a name that doesn't match up to any of the official announcements: Captain Phasma. 

Who the heck is Captain Phasma? Assuming this is a Star Wars character (and we're assuming this because the name was included in this larger, Star Wars-related registration move) we can begin trying to guess which remaining actor will be playing Phasma. The thing about the name and title is that it's genderless and could be either Rebel or Imperial. If it's an Imperial character, Phasma might be Gwendoline Christie, who my sources have told me is a stormtrooper commander who wears chrome armor and is hunting down deserter Finn. We still don't know a damn thing about Domnhall Gleeson in this movie - could he be a freighter captain who helps our heroes? Or perhaps Andy Serkis' mysterious character is known as Captain Phasma. 

I think Christie would make a good 'Phasma.' I like that name for her character, who looks very cool in the concept art I've seen. The deadly Captain Phasma!

There is one strange wrinkle to all of this. StitchKingdom, the site which found the trademark notice, notes that there already is a Phasma... in Star Wars fan fiction. Phasma is a ten year old daughter of an Imperial Admiral in Tarkin's Fist, a fan story that has been sequelized a few times and is, I guess, a big deal in fan fiction circles. Is this coincidence? Is it an homage to the story? Is it Lucasfilm cheekily appropriating something someone created in their universe?