Become The Richest Man In Town With This Stunning IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE Poster

Dark Hall Mansion and Laurent Durieux are wrapping up 2014 with a gorgeous screenprint. And there's enough for everyone!

For artist Laurent Durieux, 2014's been an amazing year: the Brussels-based artist kicked things off in February with a solo show at the Mondo Gallery, went on to establish his own online gallery, Nautilus, made an appearance at the first-ever MondoCon in September, released an enormously popular Pulp Fiction print at the end of November (how popular? I hear over 2,000 of them were sold), and now-- just as 2014's coming to a close-- he's releasing another beautiful timed edition, this one via Dark Hall Mansion. And guess what? You can all have one.

Let's take a look.

It's A Wonderful Life by Laurent Durieux

$65 Regular Open/Timed Edition / 24x36"

It's A Wonderful Life by Laurent Durieux

$100 Variant Edition of 150 / 24x36"

Yes, just like the Pulp Fiction print he released via Mondo, Durieux's It's A Wonderful Life is being offered in both timed and limited editions, which means anyone who wants one can have one (assuming, of course, you're cool with the regular edition...which you should be). Dark Hall Mansion will also be selling three further variant editions: 75 printed on foil ($150), 15 of the regular edition printed on wood ($300), and 15 of the variant edition printed on wood ($300). No stone left unturned on this one.

If you're interested in snagging one of these, listen up: all of the variant editions (the paper, the foil, and both wood versions) will be available for purchase at the Dark Hall Mansion "Store" page tomorrow at 9:30AM (PST). The open/timed edition will be available tomorrow, as well, "by midday" (again, PST) and on sale through 11:59PM on Monday. Got all that? Variant hunters need to plan on hovering over their keyboards tomorrow morning, while open-editioners can buy throughout the weekend. If you're still unclear, you can read more at Dark Hall Mansion's website.

Good luck to everyone going after the variant editions, and congratulations to those of you who have your eye on the regular/timed edition: this is your chance to pick up a high-quality screenprint for a classic film without having to worry about beating every other collector in the world in a race through an online checkout. It's a Christmas miracle!