Let Godzilla Smash Up Your Holidays

Bring the King of the Monsters home this Christmas.

Who decided that Godzilla's hand should come flying off anyway?

Make room for the King of the Monsters in your holiday celebrations this year with an array of Godzilla merch that spans the character's many decades of history. With the new Godzilla movie now out on Blu-ray (and I stand behind this movie, which I think is excellent for home viewing as you can really get to the awesome kaiju battles faster) your Godzilla gifting is off to a great start. Maybe that Blu can sit under a tree bedecked with this awesome Godzilla ornament, celebrating the monster's 60th anniversary with a great tchtocke that lights up and plays the classic roar. Hark this herald angel:

If you're looking for something a little more menacing in your holiday gift giving can I steer you towards this absolutely wrong and horrifying Godzilla zip-up hoodie that is so creepy I, in the modern internet parlance, can't even. I like the spikes on the back but holy shit who okayed that close-faced design?

Interested in reading more about The King of Monsters? I recommend Godzilla: Half Century War, a comic book series that follows one Japanese soldier's obsession with Gojira from his first appearance onward. I could show you the cover of the collected edition (which you can buy here) but I think to really give you a sense of why you need this book I will share with you a double page spread. Check out the fucking detail on this!


And while there are many - many - toy options for the Godzilla fan in your life, if they're anything like me they're incredibly nostalgic for that weird Shogun Warriors version in the video above. You can find that sucker on eBay, but good luck getting it in time for Christmas. Maybe leave an IOU under the tree... with a big bite taken out of it.