Badass Podcast #30: The MAD MAX Series Rewatch Begins Here!

Phil and Evan spend a little time with a pre-legend Max Rockatansky

Holy shit. I don’t know how this happened, but Phil and I managed to fill a ton of time talking about the first Mad Max. I mean, we also discussed the difference between reed instruments and brass instruments and a lot of other nonsense, but this is still pretty ridiculous. We just must have been really excited to talk again after Phil’s absence last week.

In other news, we got over 100 ratings on iTunes last week! A few of them are negative, but given the padcast’s technical issues and my obnoxiousness in general, I feel we probably earned them. Keep rating and reviewing and all that business!

Next week Phil and I will take on one of the greatest action movies ever, The Road Warrior. I am definitely looking forward to that.