Get Your Loved One The Greatest iPhone Case Ever

Or you could just buy it for yourself like I should have!

Maybe you’ve seen this Replaceface stuff before. The idea is an artist uses photoshop to put a face of your choosing into a regal, highly dignified painting in style of painter George Dawe. That’s a fun idea and I imagine would look pretty good on your wall.

But if you go to Society6, you can forget all about your ugly mug and instead pick from a highly awesome selection of male (why just male, you guys?) celebrities for that replaced face. And magic happens. Admittedly, it’s a limited gimmick, the kind of thing someone like Brandon Bird would utilize once or twice then abandon. But I find it magical, nevertheless. Here are some other great samples:

Once you pick a celebrity image (God, there are so many good ones!), you can choose what kind of product you want to slap it on. Posters, pillows, coffee cups, even tote bags… quite a few options are available.

I came across this just after getting my new phone this August. I wanted a goddamn Jean-Claude Van Damme iPhone case and this is where my search took me. Beautiful as it is, I could not bring myself to part with $35 dollars for such a novelty. But the day may yet come. Maybe you can be bold where I was weak. Let’s face it. Unless you really fucked up, Christmas shopping is pretty much over now. Time to treat yourself.