This Is An 11 Hour Video Promoting EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS

The endurance challenge starts now.

When I saw this video linked on Twitter yesterday I thought the person linking was pointing out an error. After all, how could there be an 11 hour long video on YouTube promoting Exodus: Gods and Kings? That makes no sense! It must have been an computer malfunction. But nope, it turns out this is in fact an 11 hour video, and the video is simply the Book of Exodus, one line at a time, scrolling over a burning bush with the Exodus soundtrack looping over it. 

For eleven hours. 

How much of this can you watch? How much of this can anyone watch? Who is the target audience for an 11 hour video of text? What was the decision behind the scenes at Fox that led to someone creating this thing? Is this the dumbest promotional video of all time?

Note: if you're accessing this site on Chrome YouTube embeds might be fucked up. If it is fucked up for you, click here to watch the entire 11 hour video on YouTube proper.