You Can Watch THE INTERVIEW Online Right Now

Legally, even.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's The Interview continues to make history, this time becoming the first wide release (or intended for wide release right up until a week before release) movie to get a VOD date before hitting theaters. The UltraVOD model, as it is known, is familiar to people who watch indie movies, but it's never been done on this big level before. 

It all happened very quickly, with Sony getting the film out on YouTube, Xbox, Google Play and their own dedicated website. You can click here to see all your buying/renting options - it's just $6 to rent,. 

The movie comes out in 300 theaters tomorrow, and I would recommend seeing it then. Like all comedies, The Interview works best in a big room full of other laughing people. But if you're not near one of the theaters playing the movie you can invite some pals over and get to watching, secure that you can stick it to North Korea without even leaving your couch.