Declare Your Hatred For Everyone In This MY SO-CALLED LIFE Inspired Flannel

Give yourself or someone you care about the gift of '90s teen angst this holiday season.

Hello again. It's me, child of the '90s and giver of gift advice for the holidays. Remember My So-Called Life? Gone too soon, I know. But there's a specific typically Angela moment of angst:

Angela had more plaid flannel clothing than a lumberjack. I remain envious of her vast array of flannel. It's like she had different ones for her different levels of angst and annoyance. I only own one plaid flannel shirt and I've been wearing it for years. I got it at Target. It was cheap as fuck and it will probably outlive me because it is impressively well-made.

But I want more plaid flannel clothing, and if you or someone you make an effort to care about is also a child of the '90s who worships My So-Called Life, feel no shame in loving Hole, and refuse to dress like a grown-ass adult, then I have something special for you. The other day I was looking for pizza shirts (as you do), when I came across these fantastic plaid flannel shirts inspired by My So-Called Life. They each proudly proclaim "I hate everyone" on the back, which not only signals to the general public that you would prefer to be left alone, but also alerts your friends, loved ones and casual passerby that you are a fan of My So-Called Life. View these flannel shirts as litmus tests for cool people. If someone is offended, who cares? They aren't worth interacting with anyway. But if someone recognizes that this garment is influenced by one of the greatest television shows in history, then you should cling to them like a tiny sloth to a tree because that person just like, gets it, man.

Anyway! You can purchase one of these shirts from the Nylon shop, or feel free to browse around for other rad shirts, of which they have dozens. Be a pal and gift one of these to a particularly angsty friend, or be a greedy little Grinch and buy one for yourself because there's no rule that says you can't give yourself gifts on Christmas/Hanukkah/your cat's birthday/a day ending in Y.